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The NEWBURN Woodfired Ducted Furnace offers the distinctive capability to evenly distribute heat, controlled by a thermostat, across your home or business, providing continuous warmth and ambiance.

This intelligently designed and constructed Australian heating system has the ability to burn throughout the night without the need for stoking.


A modern central heating system, the Newburn Furnace won’t rob your precious space or take vital oxygen (for combustion) from your living or working areas.

The heat output of the system is controlled by your room thermostat.

Inbuilt safety measures and operational controls prevent cold air being circulated through your ducting and safeguard against overheating.

The structure of your home or business determines whether you will have floor registers, ceiling diffusers or both.



“Australian designed and built using quality steel and craftsmanship.”


When ductwork is installed in the ceiling or in some two story or split-level buildings, ceiling diffusers are used.

These are usually centrally placed in the room so that warm air is evenly circulated, creating a blanket of warm air that eliminates cool draughts.




Heaters installed underfloor or outdoors usually have floor registers.

The registers are placed under the window or at the furthest place away from the doorway.

The heat forms a flow of warm air which reduces cold air infiltration, preventing cool draughts.



“Warming Australian homes for more than 40 years.”


I’m very impressed with the Newburn’s capacity to burn overnight. I have recommended this heating option to all of my friends and will continue to do so.


The Newburn has exceeded all expectations, every room in our house is warm.  The only regret for us is not installing one sooner.


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